‘Zutphen real estate entrepreneur arrested in 35-year-old disappearance case’ (UPDATE2)

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'Zutphen real estate entrepreneur arrested in 35-year-old disappearance case' (UPDATE2)

In the investigation into the disappearance of Duncan Zwakke, the police arrested a 62-year-old man in his hometown of Zutphen on Tuesday morning. According to De Stentor, the suspect is the locally known real estate entrepreneur Evert-Jan van T. He is suspected of involvement in the disappearance/death of Zwakke (31), who was last seen on October 17, 1989 at café De Spaan in the center of Zutphen.

60 year old man

A 60-year-old man was arrested in his hometown of Eerbeek on Monday for the case. He is also a suspect of involvement in the disappearance/death of Zwakke. This man is said to be the brother of Evert-Jan van T.

Both men are in custody and are currently being interrogated.

Evert-Jan van T. is in the catering industry and real estate. He is co-owner of the Delta complex in Zutphen, a large industrial estate. He was arrested and interrogated by the police in 1989, shortly after Zwakke’s disappearance. He remained in pre-trial detention for months. He was released due to lack of evidence.


On April 3 of this year, the police restarted an additional investigation into the missing person case in the basement of a building on Nieuwstad in Zutphen. The same building had already been searched by investigators.

A sonar boat has searched the IJssel near Zutphen for traces that could possibly lead to finding the body of Duncan Zwakke.

It is not yet clear what led to the breakthrough at the beginning of April. There is still a reward of 15,000 euros available for the golden tip that can solve the case.

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