‘Zutphen police officer gets 22 months in prison for corruption’

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'Zutphen police officer gets 22 months in prison for corruption'

Former Zutphen police officer Jesper D. (33) has been sentenced to 22 months in prison by the court in Zwolle for selling sensitive police information to criminals. He misused, among other things, names and service numbers of former colleagues, De Stentor writes. Justice had demanded an unconditional prison sentence of 14 months last month.


According to the justice department, the officer worked with his friend Roy van L. (37) from Apeldoorn. He called the telephone helpdesk (RTIC) of the police in Apeldoorn and asked for information in police jargon, which he then sold to criminals.

85,000 euros

During five months in 2020, he called the helpdesk for agents in Apeldoorn 139 times. He did this 18 times with different prepaid numbers. In total, he asked questions about people and ongoing investigations 214 times.
According to the judiciary, Jesper D. and his Apeldoorn friend Van L. earned about 85,000 euros from the trade.

In the investigation, four former colleagues whose names and service numbers he misused to obtain police information were interrogated as suspects. Their phones were also tapped.


During the hearing of his case, Jesper D. said he was sorry and wanted to explain his actions to his former colleagues. He suggested he was pressured.

Criminal turnover

In addition to the unconditional prison sentence of 22 months, D. must pay the victims 10,000 euros in compensation.

The Public Prosecution Service demanded that the Zutphen resident repay half of the criminal turnover.

The court has decided that there is insufficient evidence to justify this. The 25,100 euros in cash found during house searches will be forfeited. D. cannot sufficiently demonstrate that the money has a legal origin.


In November 2018, D. was also sentenced to six months in prison because, as an officer, he shared secret information from police systems with friendly criminals. For that reason he was fired by the East Netherlands police.

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