Ziggo Sport analysts are not gentle about the first day in Las Vegas: ‘It was a bit of a farce’

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Ziggo Sport analysts are not gentle about the first day in Las Vegas: 'It was a bit of a farce'

Ziggo Sport’s F1 analysts looked back on the first day of racing in Las Vegas in the Race Café. Carlos Sainz’s manhole cover incident is discussed at length, and the men agree that Ferrari made a strong first impression.

“It was a bit of a farce today,” Winkelman begins the analysis of the Friday sessions in Las Vegas. “It is also the third mistake by the FIA ​​in a short time.” In addition to the problem with the manhole cover in Las Vegas, Winkelman also mentioned the curbs in Qatar that caused problems, and the track limit cameras in Austin that were not properly adjusted. ‘These are all things that the FIA ​​is responsible for.’

The analysts also agree that Carlos Sainz has been punished too severely for having to replace the chassis, power unit and battery of his Ferrari car after the manhole cover incident. The Ziggo Sports men, except Rob Kamphues, understand that the stewards imposed the punishment on the Spaniard, because otherwise other teams could try to create similar situations in the future in order to replace parts with impunity.

Praise for Ferrari

“The Ferrari’s top speed is good,” Robert Doornbos analyzes the second free practice in Las Vegas. The former driver thinks it’s cool to see that the Ferraris and Verstappen seem evenly matched. ‘When Leclerc did his lap, he really managed to get a monster lap out.’ Even though Leclerc seems to be getting close to Verstappen, the men are not afraid that Red Bull will have the same kind of weekend as Singapore again.

“Ferrari has done well,” concludes Jack Plooij. “That makes it extra sad for Sainz, that he has a ten-place grid penalty,” Winkelman adds. ‘Leclerc really makes a very strong impression.’ However, Verstappen can make the difference in different corners, according to the men, especially in turns 7 and 8.

However, the Ziggo Sport analysts do not expect the race on Saturday evening in the gambling city to be an exciting event. “Or do you think we will know after three laps (who will be the winner in Las Vegas, ed.)?” Kamphues asks the other analysts whether they are looking forward to the race. “Yes,” the men answered immediately. “I’m more looking forward to qualifying,” Doornbos admits honestly.

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