YouTube suspends payments to Russell Brand after allegations of misconduct Yesterday, 9:02 PM in Abroad, Culture & Media British Prime Minister Sunak has announced through his spokesperson that he considers it a positive development that the BBC and Channel 4 are conducting an investigation.

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Russell Brand on stage in Los Angeles (file photo)
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YouTube has suspended payments from British comedian Russell Brand, a spokesperson for the platform told SkyNews. It was announced on Saturday that he has been accused by several women of, among other things, rape and sexual assault.

Brand has several channels on YouTube, the largest channel has six million subscribers. His videos deal with spirituality and politics, among other things, and are popular with conspiracy theorists. The videos remain online, but are shown without advertisements.

The last three performances of Brand’s tour have also been postponed, the tour organization reports. Brand was scheduled to perform at various locations in the United Kingdom this week.

“We don’t like doing it, but we know you will understand,” the organization said. New dates for Brand’s shows have not yet been announced. A theater in Windsor where Brand was scheduled to perform says people with tickets can get their money back.

The actor and comedian denies the allegations of sexual abuse. On Saturday evening, after the news had become known, he was still on stage in London. There he received a standing ovation from those present. “I love you guys, thank you. There are things I can’t talk about and hopefully you understand,” Brand told the crowd.

Sunak: allegations particularly serious

British Prime Minister Sunak has said through his spokesman that he considers it a positive development that the BBC and Channel 4 are conducting an investigation. Brand worked as a presenter at both broadcasters in the past.

“They must present their findings and do so in a transparent manner,” Sunak said. “I’m not going to anticipate that.” However, he calls the allegations “particularly serious and worrying”.

Banijay, the parent company of the originally Dutch production company Endemol, is also conducting an internal investigation into Brand’s behavior when he presented shows for Endemol.

  • Broadcasters and owner Endemol start investigation into Russell Brand
  • Russell Brand steps down despite serious allegations of sexual misconduct
  • Comedian Russell Brand accused of rape and other sexual misconduct
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