Young Amsterdammer causes more than 50,000 euros in damage through bank helpdesk fraud

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Amsterdam – On Tuesday morning, November 14, the police arrested a suspect on suspicion of involvement in committing bank helpdesk fraud. It concerns a 21-year-old man from Amsterdam. Various means of communication were also seized during the arrest.

At the beginning of September, a bank reported fraudulent activities among its customers to the police. Between May and September 2023, it was noted that damage totaling more than 50,000 euros was caused to almost 100 victims. These victims are spread across the country. Intensive cooperation between detectives from the East Netherlands unit and the Central Netherlands unit ultimately led to the arrest of the 21-year-old Amsterdam resident.

Location outdated

Various telephone numbers were used to commit the bank helpdesk fraud. Thanks to a thorough analysis, detectives were able to trace this back to a home in Amsterdam. Officers arrested the 21-year-old resident on Tuesday morning on suspicion of involvement in committing this bank helpdesk fraud. During the search, a large number of SIM cards, telephones and laptops were found. Further investigation must reveal whether these resources were also used in the bank helpdesk fraud or other criminal offenses committed. The suspect is currently in custody for further questioning.

Digital crime

Much traditional crime is moving to the digital domain. Consider, for example, friend-in-need fraud, purchase and sales fraud, phishing and (bank) helpdesk fraud. The impact on victims and society is enormous. Moreover, unlike traditional crime, this form of crime knows no boundaries. With the national Centurion action program, the police are accelerating their approach to digital crime. The collaboration between the East Netherlands and Central Netherlands units is a good example of this.

If you think you are a victim of digital crime such as bank helpdesk fraud, please contact the police on 0900-8844 or the fraud helpdesk.

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