Years in prison demanded against Almouder for wholesale of medicines

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Years in prison demanded against Almouder for wholesale of medicines

The Public Prosecution Service demanded a four-year prison sentence, including one year suspended, against 24-year-old Shane A. from Almere before the court in Lelystad. He is suspected of large-scale drug trafficking. About 600 liters of oxycodone and nearly 6,000 pills were found in his shed on November 3, 2022.

Anonymous hint

The police tracked down the twenties at the end of last year after an anonymous report. Subsequently, several suspicious vehicles were observed in a short time at Shane A.’s shed in Almere. During a search, the officers then came across a huge amount of medicines and drugs. According to the public prosecutor, the police van could ‘almost not handle the amount, it was so heavy together’.

Huge stock

The shed contained, among other things, boxes with bottles of liquid medication, containing a total of almost 600 liters of oxycodone, a strong painkiller. Thousands of pills were also found, including 3,331 pills of methylphenidate (for the treatment of ADHD), 137 pills of fentanyl, 1,020 pills of lorazepam, 557 ampoules of morphine and 912 pills of xanax. In addition, there were also 100 grams of hashish, 100 grams of weed and five ziplock bags with cocaine in the shed.

The Public Prosecution Service considers it proven that A. not only owned the medicines, but also traded in them. This is apparent, among other things, from research into the finances of the Almouder and from statements from various customers.

Potentially deadly

According to the judiciary, A. has taken great risks by trading in these medicines.

‘The substances are not only highly addictive, but also very dangerous to use without a prescription and without the supervision of a doctor and pharmacist. This is potentially deadly,” the prosecutor said.

In addition, the OM also calls the amount of medicines found ‘very worrying’.

‘Sir had, among other things, 600 liters of oxycodone in his shed. A dose is a maximum of 5 to 10 milliliters. So he could supply an entire city with his stock.’

The Public Prosecution Service therefore strongly blames A. for his reckless behavior.

The suspect apparently only had an eye for his own gain. He has put up with the increased risks of those drugs for the health of users, “said the public prosecutor.

The Public Prosecution Service is demanding four years in prison, one year of which is suspended against Shane A. The court will rule in two weeks.

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