Wounded man found after being shot in Amsterdam

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A man was injured by a gunshot in Amsterdam on Thursday night. This happened after the police were called, because ambulance personnel were attacked. Two officers were also injured when they had to provide support.


The ambulance staff was called after a person became unwell at the Oostelijke Handelskade. When the staff arrived, they were attacked. Officers were then called, who were injured while supporting the paramedics. One person was arrested in this action.

A police spokesperson said the officers did not have to go to the hospital. This is reported by the Amsterdam news channel AT5.


Shortly after the called officers drove away, they heard a gunshot. After no one was found at first, an injured man was found. He has been taken to hospital. The incident happened near Club Panama on the Oostelijke Handelskade, around 6:00 in the morning.

The police have not arrested a suspect. She also cannot say anything about the circumstances of the shooting. It is unclear whether the incident came from the nightlife crowd at the club.

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