Wolff lashes out at the journalist: ‘Have you ever said anything positive? We shouldn’t whine

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Wolff lashes out at the journalist: 'Have you ever said anything positive?  We shouldn't whine

The Formula 1 weekend started with a false start in Las Vegas, but Toto Wolff reacted angrily in the press conference to a journalist who stated that this is a disgrace to the sport. The Austrian defended Liberty Media and said the problems on opening day in Las Vegas meant nothing in the bigger picture.

The weekend started dramatically for several drivers, especially Carlos Sainz. The Ferrari driver saw his SF-23 completely destroyed by a manhole cover, and the floor was even visible through the cockpit due to a hole. Ferrari must provide its driver with a new monocoque and a new power unit, while Esteban Ocon also needs a new chassis and Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu is said to have suffered damage.

Yet Wolff did not want to hear a bad word about Las Vegas, Formula 1, or owner Liberty Media. “This is not a black eye, this means nothing,” the Austrian said in the press conference for team bosses. ‘It’s Thursday evening (in Las Vegas, ed.), and we have a first free practice that didn’t take place. They are going to weld the manhole covers on, and tomorrow morning no one will talk about this anymore,” said the Mercedes team boss.

Wolff razes journalist to the ground

Wolff then went all out on the journalist. ‘Did you ask that question? It’s completely ridiculous, completely ridiculous. It’s about the first free training. How dare you even talk bad about the event that sets the new standard for everything and everyone? And you are now talking about a loose manhole cover, something that has happened before. This is nothing! This is the first free training! Give credit to the people who created this Grand Prix and made this sport much bigger than it ever was,” Wolff shouted.

‘Have you ever said something positive about someone? You should do that about all the people who worked here. Liberty Media has done an incredible job, and just because a manhole cover came loose in FP1 we shouldn’t complain,” said the Mercedes team boss, who was sitting next to colleague Frédéric Vasseur. ‘The car (of Ferrari, ed.) is broken, that is a huge shame, and for Carlos it could have been dangerous, and the FIA ​​and the people of the circuit have to analyze how we can avoid this in the future, but to here to talk about a black eye for sports, on a Thursday evening?! No one in Europe is watching it at this time anyway.’

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