Witnesses wanted to explosions in Bloklandstraat parking garage (Rotterdam) and Ravelstraat home (Capelle)

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Rotterdam/Capelle ad IJssel – Two explosions took place last night. The police do not assume a link between the two, but are asking for help from witnesses in both cases. No one was injured. The one explosion occurred around 2 a.m. near a car in the Benthuizerstraat city garage. The other around 3:40 am at a house on Ravelstraat in Capelle aan den IJssel. If you have information or images that could help with the investigation, please let us know via the options below.

Around 2 a.m. a big bang was heard in the Benthuizerstraat parking garage on Bloklandstraat. It turned out that there had been an explosion at a car parked there. The damage was extensive but no one was injured.

Witnesses saw a light-skinned man, approximately 1.80 m tall, running away. He was dressed in dark, wearing a mid-length coat with a hood over a cap. He fled in the direction of Benthuizerstraat. According to witnesses, he spoke to a man on a men’s bicycle on Benthuizerstraat. He had a light complexion, a thin build and was wearing gray clothing. The police are looking for these men and for more information.

A little later, around 3:40 am, the incident occurred on Ravelstraat in Capelle aan den IJssel. A large bang sounded at a home, causing damage. The residents were unharmed. The police would of course like to know who is behind this.

In both cases the police are investigating. Traces have been recorded and collected, which can be further investigated by the NFI. Local residents have been spoken to and are being discussed to determine which cameras in the area may have captured the suspects. Do you have a doorbell or dashcam camera in the area of ​​one of the two incidents, which may contain something relevant? Have you not yet been approached by agents to share those images? Please get in touch using the options below. This can of course also be done anonymously.

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Information source: Politie.nl

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