Witnesses wanted: several incidents of the Insulindeweg porch apartment

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Amsterdam – From Thursday evening, April 27, several fire incidents have occurred in and in front of a portico on Insulindeweg. No one was injured at the time of the incidents, nevertheless the residents of the apartment building are very shocked. The detective suspects that these actions are aimed at a resident or residents living in the apartment block. No one was injured during these incidents. The investigation team would like to know who is responsible for these cases and would like to get in touch with witnesses and/or persons.

Scooter on fire

The first incident occurred on Thursday evening 27 April. Around 7.10 pm residents find a scoot mobile on fire outside the porch. The fire has been such that the vehicle can no longer be used.

Burning object

In the night of Saturday April 29 to Sunday April 30 at 01:00 a.m., a police officer encounters a burning object on the public road during his surveillance. This is for the same porch on the Insulindeweg where the burnt-out scooter was found a few days before.


In the night of Sunday 30 April to Monday 1 May there was another incident. This time there was an explosion on a balcony on Insulindeweg. A resident was present at the time of the explosion. This one was not injured. Around 02:00 residents hear a loud bang in the porch. An explosive is said to have been thrown on a balcony of a house. Subsequently, a window is said to have been destroyed and the resident also has damage in her home due to the explosion.

Witness call

The detective would like to know who is responsible for these incidents. If you have more information that can help the research team, we would like to hear from you. Footage from, for example, a dashcam, RingMydoorbell or other footage is also welcome. You can contact the research team via the options below. Please do not forget to quote police report number PL1300_2023095689 when calling. This way the dispatcher knows which report you are talking about.

Call the police


Respond online

Information source: Politie.nl

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