Witnesses wanted: Residents of Bankwerkerij’s home hit by explosion again; Amsterdam North

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Amsterdam – On Thursday morning, September 7, residents of a home at the Bankwerkerij fell victim to an explosion for the second time in a year. No one was injured at the time of this explosion. The police are investigating the case and are looking for witnesses.

Around 5 a.m., local residents in the area surrounding the Bankwerkerij were startled by a huge bang, after which smoke development was visible. Several officers go to the scene and find a house whose door has extensive damage. Damage has also been caused to the house and there appear to be several residents in the house. They were able to get to safety and were not injured. Specialists from Forensic Investigation (FO) and Explosives Safety Team (TEV) conducted an investigation on site. No suspect has been arrested so far. The residents were also victims of an explosion a year earlier, April 2022. The investigation is taking into account a possible connection between the cases.

Witness call

The police are investigating the case and are looking for witnesses and/or camera images. Do you know who is responsible for this? Or do you have other information that can help the team? Then the police would be happy to speak to you. This can be done via the options below. If you speak to the operator at the regional service center, please provide official report number PL1300_2023202362.

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Information source: Politie.nl

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