Witnesses wanted for robbery and attempted robbery in Leusden

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Leusden – On Sunday evening, September 10, around 10 p.m., a 16-year-old boy was kicked off his bicycle on the Groene Zoom and attempted to be robbed. Two of the suspects were riding together on a fat bike. Three days earlier, a similar incident took place on Asschatterweg. The police are investigating whether there is a connection between the two cases and are looking for witnesses and people who have more information.

Attempted robbery in Groene Zoom

The 16-year-old boy from Leusden was cycling across the Groene Zoom in the direction of the Noorderinslag when his path was blocked by a group of boys. This was near the Burgemeester Beaufortweg. As he drove past, they chased him. Two of the boys rode a fat bike together. A third rode a regular city bike.

One of the boys on the fat bike kicked the 16-year-old boy’s bicycle, causing him to fall. An attempt was made to rob the boy but it failed because someone walked by.

There is a description of three boys. More young people may be involved.

Boy 1

  • 16-18 years
  • dark pants with a dark t-shirt
  • dark curls on top of his head with shaved sides
  • slim build
  • about 6 feet tall
  • dark skin

Boy 2

  • 16-18 years
  • 1.70 m tall
  • dark clothes
  • dark skin

Boy 3

  • 16-18 years
  • dark skin
  • slightly smaller than the other two

Robbery Asschatterweg

On Thursday evening, September 7, around 9 p.m., a 20-year-old man was robbed of his e-bike on the Asschatterweg in a similar manner. His path was blocked by a group of about ten young people. After passing the group, he was chased by a boy on a red scooter and kicked off his bike. While he was on the ground, his e-bike was stolen by someone. The group continued towards the center.

The following description is given of the boy who kicked the man off his bicycle

  • rode a red scooter
  • about 16 years
  • sturdy build
  • round head
  • wore tight dark sweatpants and a dark jacket

Police investigation: looking for witnesses and people with more information

The police are investigating whether there is a connection between the two cases.

In connection with the investigation, we are looking for witnesses or people who have more information about these robberies.
They are asked to contact us

  • via the tip form below
  • by telephone on 0900 8844
  • or anonymously via meldmisdaadanoniem.nl 0800 7000

Respond online

Information source: Politie.nl

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