Winkelman puts Verstappen’s dominance in the spotlight: ‘It remains special’

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Winkelman puts Verstappen's dominance in the spotlight: 'It remains special'

Max Verstappen breaks record after record and according to Rick Winkelman we should not underestimate the Dutchman’s achievements. In Brazil, the three-time world champion managed to break an old record again. According to the motorsport journalist, Verstappen’s dominance this season is something very special to experience.

“It’s not normal what kind of season he’s having,” Winkelman told ‘It’s a Dutchman who does all that. The Netherlands, motorsport country, I always say. It remains special,” the journalist adds. The Dutch world champion has already achieved several great records. He was the youngest Formula 1 driver ever and also holds the record for the youngest Grand Prix winner.

Verstappen managed to break another record last weekend in Brazil. With his victory at the Interlagos circuit, the Dutchman now has seventeen victories in a season, which means he has won at least 77.27 percent of the season. The previous record was 75 percent and was achieved in 1952 by Alberto Ascari.

Looking for records to break

“I think this is another unique moment, that we are experiencing this with all the records that Max has achieved,” says Winkelman. “The records they are looking for are becoming increasingly exclusive and weird,” he adds judgmentally. ‘Records are being sought everywhere, something that has never happened or last happened a long time ago. Then Max also manages to get that strange record again, so there is something new every week, but that’s cool,” said the motorsport journalist.

Winkelman believes that Verstappen is driving the most dominant season ever this season. “Of course it remains difficult to compare,” he says about the new record that the three-time world champion has achieved. ‘It’s a record that has stood for a long time. That was really a different era in Formula 1, so I think you should mainly look at what is happening now or what happened in the recent past. You shouldn’t go back too far in time, because that was really a different period,” says Winkelman.

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