Windsor hopes for a good Ferrari season: ‘If they are not doing well yet, they might as well enter Formula E’

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Windsor hopes for a good Ferrari season: 'If they are not doing well yet, they might as well enter Formula E'

F1 analyst Peter Windsor makes a bold statement about Ferrari’s upcoming Formula 1 season. The Brit promises to do something rigorous if the Scuderia have another bad year this year. Furthermore, Windsor also compares Oscar Piastri’s performance during his debut year with that of teammate Lando Norris.

When asked by a fan during his YouTube livestream about how well Windsor thinks Ferrari will do in 2024, the F1 analyst replied: ‘I think they will do quite well. I think that applies to both Mercedes and Ferrari. They have had these new regulations for two years now, and if they (Mercedes and Ferrari, ed.) don’t do well in the third year, they might as well enter Formula E.’

Windsor also makes a prediction on how many races he expects the Scuderia to win this year. ‘I hope they might win about five races, but even more would of course be even better. They have very good drivers (Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, ed.), very good people at work, and with Frédéric Vasseur in the lead, it should work out quite well.’ Windsor even dares to make a very bold statement about the success that Ferrari must have in 2024, according to him. “I’ll pull out my hair, or what’s left of it, if they have another bad year.”

Can Piastri beat Norris?

The McLaren team is also discussed in the livestream, and Windsor also made a prediction about the British team for the new F1 season. Still, the F1 analyst had to think a little longer about whether Piastri can beat Norris in 2024. “It depends on what exactly is meant by defeat,” Windsor qualifies.

‘Oscar already did very well against Lando last year, and there were already times when he beat Lando during the qualifiers. He also sat close to Lando during the races. He had the best season he could have had (as a debutant, ed.) given the circumstances.’ Windsor points to the poor start to the season that McLaren experienced in 2023, before the British team was able to fight for podium places in the second half thanks to the upgrades.

Windsor does not expect Piastri to beat Norris in terms of championship points scoring. “Norris has been at McLaren for a long time, he has the momentum with the team. And he knows how to score points.” Although Windsor does not expect Piastri to score more points than his more experienced teammate, he does think that “he can at least have as many good races as Lando.”

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