Why choose fleet telematics as a company

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Are you thinking about whether you want to implement telematics in your company or fleet? There are of course many questions you have before you make such an investment. In this case, it is important to especially look at the possible advantages and disadvantages that come your way after you have brought telematics to your company. Would you like to learn more about this subject or would you like to take the step towards telematics? Then inquire MooveConnectedMobility.com. In this article we will mainly look at the benefits that telematics bring to the fleet.

Increase the customer friendliness of your company

An important part for any company, including a fleet, is customer friendliness and customer service. The users of your services want to be sure that they are paying for the best. With the help of telematics you can keep even more accurate data. This data is then analyzed and improvements can then be applied. Think, for example, of automating the answering of standard questions, such as about the arrival time. But also making invoices as accurate as possible based on the working hours of employees on location. It all becomes more accurate and reliable with the help of telematics.

An efficient planning

Another important advantage is the efficiency of using telematics. With the help of the data system you can easily pass on the arrival times and delivery times to the customer. If someone asks what time the driver will arrive without using telematics, you first have to call your driver and then call the customer back. In case of delay, this entire process must be repeated again. Telematics ensures that you can be exactly where the driver is and what the expected arrival time is within a click. In the event of an accident, car breakdown or delay, this will be communicated directly to you or the customer.

Less unnecessary CO2 emissions or fuel consumption

Telematics kills two birds with one stone. The most economical route is selected using the tracking system. This economical route avoids using more fuel than necessary. This ensures that you have lower fuel costs, while also contributing to lower emissions. In addition, this and other related data about CO2 is tracked. With the help of this information you can make investments or changes that ensure that your fleet emits less CO2. It therefore ensures that you invest in points that actually make an impact.

As a company, you naturally want your employees to work productively and efficiently. You also want to provide a healthy and comfortable working environment for them.…

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