Who is the mole? S24 – Ep. 6: this happened + the best tweets

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Who is the mole?  S24 - Ep.  6: this happened + the best tweets

Today we watch the sixth episode called ‘Wondering’, in which we indeed wonder a lot of things. What is it with Kees and communication? And why does Fons try so hard to make fun? So obvious too?

On Twitter we have seen a lot of complaints about the complicated assignments and their explanation in the last few episodes, and today was no different. We agree with the viewer below: it could be better that way, right?

Mayan numbers

Four tables on a field with a negative number on them, in a field all kinds of stones with Mayan numbers on them and the correct stones had to be stacked on the tables to eliminate the negative number to zero. As much as 2,500 euros could be earned and a legend was added for calculating with Mayan figures, but that had to be done in 25 minutes. Kees initiates: “You have to make sure there is someone at the table.” Anna can do math, but Babs believes that there should not be one person to prevent moles.

Anyway, it all happened with postage, so we can record it completely, but you get the idea: that was of course chaos. Kees also explained it in many words: not necessary at all, according to the fellow candidates. He also makes a mistake! Rosario calls it a ‘Cut Podcast’. It’s bizarre, but in the end there are 3 tables properly stacked and that’s a nice 1500 euros. And Rosario is very proud of himself as treasurer. We’ll see about that sometime, Sor…


A new bond! Babs is not looking forward to it, but Rosario is very happy: we are curious what it will bring for the two… And on, because the candidates are getting dance lessons. Mexicans love to dance, nice and loose in the hips or tight. The steps went nice and fast and the candidates really got their feet wet. Not much happened there, but after all the frustration surrounding the postage order earlier, everyone was probably done with the drama for a while.

In the evening the candidates were sent to a party with Yucatan dances. The candidates were afraid that they would have to dance themselves, but fortunately that is not the case. They should mainly look at the people who are dancing and pay attention to certain factors to pick out those people. Maximum 5, and they are each 500 euros for the pot. But they are whispered to each other and that is of course asking for problems. Vaguenesses, irritations: it all comes up again in this otherwise beautiful-looking scene from the series, but in any case with a great view. And a suspiciously good result: 2000 euros. Rosario was able to flail again.

The most difficult test

“Perhaps this was the most difficult test in the history of Wie is de Mol?” says Rik, after the test has been taken again. The test, which was partly analogue (anna lye?) because the questions were already written on boards on the test computer and had to be remembered. It was not easy to remember that, because do you remember the question or the answer? Very difficult, as it turns out. Not for nothing one of the most difficult tests ever… But something bizarre also happened: Fons wanted to use his joker, but couldn’t find it so quickly…

Then the result. Kees gets a green screen, even Fons gets one. We see green screens from many people in this episode, but of course there is someone for whom that is not the case. Tooske, who was extremely fanatical throughout the episode, has to leave the battle scene. The candidates are left bewildered. Didn’t she have jokers? She herself says that she was simply wrong. “Spreading was a bit more difficult.”

Best tweet of the week:

Photo source: AvroTros.

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