Who is the mole? S24 – Ep. 5: this happened + the best tweets

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Who is the mole?  S24 - Ep.  5: this happened + the best tweets

We of course stopped last episode at the revelation of who returned from the dropouts. Of course, percentage-wise, it could actually only be one person: Babs! It’s back and that’s a big surprise for the candidates. However, the episode, which is really called ‘Return’, turns out to have more ‘return’ to offer.

Assignment 1: Counting on each other

Counting flags, counting colors, people walking around in carriages: it was again a crazy mess with a lot of fun to be had. The first assignment was a matter of trust: is what someone has counted correct? In the end it was a cacophony of colors and numbers, and also a walkie-talkie that seemed to stop working… And then Jeroen also says that he no longer trusts his own observations…

Assignment 2: The beaten path

So far the assignments this season have not been brilliant, but that is now changing. There were telephone booths, and there were all these Mole pinatas: an amazing sight. More than 38,640 euros can be earned in this assignment, the highest amount ever. ‘Am I speaking to Tooske, loyal fan of Wie is de Mol?’ Tooske heard on her phone. There were all kinds of words hanging on the pinatas and Tooske had to look for Loot, van Molloot. Then the pinata had to be broken, but they turned out to be quite tough. Tooske is ramming into that thing like an idiot, but she managed it in the end. Hilarious to see: some candidates enjoyed being able to vent their frustration.

Rosario just couldn’t figure it out with his ‘Scarecrow’, while in the meantime we see how former Mole Dennis Weening is shredding a bit of money and seems to be calling a client in the meantime. So those people on Twitter weren’t crazy about their attention to the 2008 mark after the first assignment… Meanwhile, the candidates are going crazy. However, in 45 minutes they also have to go back to the end, which would also take 15 minutes. Stress, discussions, the plan to destroy all the pinatas… It was the idea of ​​Fons, who had dollar signs in his eyes. But other people are a bit more concerned about the time. Ultimately, at the location of the money, they discovered that Dennis Weening had taken care of the shredding with the help of the current Mole. In the end, even 1750 euros went OUT of the pot… Wow.

Assignment 3: Weighing

The last assignment of this episode revolves around boxes containing envelopes, where people had to take one envelope. Some contain money, some contain jokers and topitos (with two other topitos this is an exemption). If candidates choose a trump card, they must take an envelope. For 3 jokers it is even 3 envelopes and for a topito 4 envelopes. The envelopes contain 0 euros or all kinds of amounts up to 3000 euros. Oof. How are people going to play?

Jeroen goes for the topito, Fons too, but everyone else goes for jokers: 3 or 2. It is not the most exciting assignment, and that applies to many assignments this season. The whole episode is also a bit dull, except for the funny Dennis Weening moment of course.

The test

Lucky for Babs, he just got back and will stay for a while. Rosario also gets a green screen. But… Jeroen gets a red card and unfortunately has to leave the battlefield. He thought it was crazy. The question is of course: will he get a topito again, or is that over now? Unfortunately. Anyone who has to leave now clearly really has to leave.

Source: Avrotros

Tweet of the week

It is not so much a very funny tweet, but an epic moment in the episode: ex-candidate Dennis Weening who is suddenly back. Let’s wave guys!

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