Who is the mole? S24 – Ep. 1: this happened + the best tweets

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Who is the mole?  S24 - Ep.  1: this happened + the best tweets

Who is the mole? season 24 has started! In this season we see the candidates Mexico continue to do assignments, play money in the pot and above all: find out who is not doing their best. Or well, who does his best to spoil things: the Mole. Is it Jip? Is it the most suspicious person prior to the episode, Kees van der Spek?

Dia Del Topito

Fons calls it a kind of outdoor haunted house. In this first episode of Wie is de Mol, the candidates are sent to the fortune teller. Or actually: the tarot reader. They all have to look outside in the festivities to find people with a necklace with a certain icon. That person had to be asked for a topito, but that had to be done within 10 minutes. And, as a twist, the Mole would also be looking for that person at the same time… While Tooske managed to find it, Anna failed. Already screwed up: while the season has not even been running for ten minutes. And it gets even more extreme: De Mol has even given the candidates a hand…

Momentary exemptions

We soon learn that there are new exemptions this time, namely variants that are moment-related. Tooske gets one for the third episode. You can see her thinking: “Well, then I have to get that!” Or does she actually not think that at all, because she is the Mole? In any case, it is the new gimmick this season: advantages that do not always work in your favor. In any case, exemptions seem to play a major role, as we subsequently learn in the episode.

They then have to discuss who has an exemption. Each exemption voted down means 1,000 euros in the pot, but people who have an exemption naturally want to keep it. That promises to be a heated conversation. Kees has a different strategy: just say he has one to sow confusion. Rian does it differently: he lied so hard that, according to him, the sparrows fell dead from the roof. We won’t spoil how many exemptions have disappeared. In any case, Jeroen only now seems to realize that you can’t trust anyone.


Although people started talking about Anna, it is Justin who becomes treasurer. Justin calls it fun, but knows that it is mainly about looking for information. Meanwhile, someone is lying like crazy, even when the game is long over… Sneaky, sneaky… And even when it comes true, that person handles it like a cunning fox. Sounds like Mole material, doesn’t it… Fons?!

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