‘Whether I want to become Ajax’s regular left back? Yes, be ready for competition’

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‘Whether I want to become Ajax’s regular left back?  Yes, be ready for competition’

Anass Salah-Eddine wants to become Ajax’s first left back next season. The defender is now showing himself on a rental basis at FC Twente, which actually wants to take him over after this season.

After his debut for the Dutch Juniors against Norway, Salah-Eddine is asked about his future. In principle, he will return to Ajax next summer, but Twente has already stated that it wants to extend the collaboration with the back. “Whether I am ready for the competition at Ajax? One hundred percent,” says a convinced Salah-Eddine in conversation with ESPN.

The left leg is then confronted with the fact that Ajax is looking for the left back position this season. “Yes, that’s right. They got a new left back (Owen Wijndal, ed.) And there are also guys who come through from the youth. That’s why I wanted to make minutes elsewhere at the start of the season, to show myself to Ajax and the Netherlands. So far I have done well, but the season is not yet finished. I still have to consult with Ajax about next season, it is about seeing what they want and then entering into the competition. “

When asked whether Salah-Eddine wants to become Ajax’s permanent left back next season, he answers briefly. “Yes.” At the moment, the youth international also regularly plays as an inspector at Twente. He was even drafted as a winger.


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