What to do after an industrial accident?

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It is understandable that after an industrial accident you are shocked and need time to recover. You may even be temporarily unable to work and need help with daily tasks at home. An industrial accident is a major event that can turn your whole life upside down and which will probably leave you with many questions. Unfortunately, industrial accidents in Apeldoorn occur more often than we would like. Examples are accidents in factory halls, with forklift trucks, in the office or even during staff outings. Therefore, always be careful and take the necessary measures to protect yourself. In this article, we provide advice on how best to act after an industrial accident.

Industrial accident, now what?

An industrial accident in Amsterdam can also happen while delivering packages as a scooter courier in Amsterdam. Even minor accidents, such as tripping over a loose cable, can have unpleasant consequences and are considered an industrial accident. But what exactly should you do if this happens? It is very important to immediately report the industrial accident to your manager and to ask the employer to draw up an accident report describing in detail exactly what happened. In some cases, the labor inspection must also be called in, which is the responsibility of your employer. To determine the damage, it is wise to consult a personal injury lawyer. This specialist can help you determine the damage and obtain appropriate compensation.

Who is responsible?

In most cases, the employer is responsible for an industrial accident. As an employee you are protected by strict rules that the employer must comply with. The workplace must always be safe and precautions must be taken to prevent accidents within the company. Even if you as an employee are not attentive during work and are injured as a result, the employer is usually liable for the damage. This also applies if a colleague accidentally causes an accident. It is therefore important to be aware of your rights as an employee and to let the employer know what has happened so that the necessary measures can be taken.


If you have suffered damage as a result of an industrial accident, it is necessary that the employer is held liable in order to receive compensation for the damage. This applies to salaried employees, temporary workers and freelancers, as long as the work you do could also have been performed by an employee. In that case you can hold the employer liable for the damage you have suffered. It is therefore important to take action as soon as possible after the industrial accident and to get professional help to guide you through the process of holding the employer liable.

Personal injury specialist

It is understandable that holding your employer liable for an industrial accident can be a difficult step. Fortunately, it can help to call in a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer is a specialist who knows exactly what steps need to be taken to get compensation for your damage and to ensure that you get what you are entitled to. By enlisting the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can fully focus on your recovery, while the lawyer takes the legal steps necessary to hold the employer liable and settle the compensation.

It is understandable that after an industrial accident you are shocked and need time to recover. You may even be temporarily unable to…

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