What time does qualifying for the sprint race of the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix start?

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In a weekend where a new format is applied, there will no longer be a second or third free practice session on Saturday, but a qualifying for the sprint race, a so-called Shootout, will first take place. This determines the starting order for the sprint race that follows later in the day. You can read at F1Maximum what time qualifying for the sprint race of the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix starts.

Previously, Friday’s qualifying in a sprint weekend was used for the starting grid of the sprint race, but since this weekend Formula 1 has devised a new format, whereby the sprint race becomes an event in itself and therefore also has a separate qualification. This qualification, the so-called Shootout, will start at 10.30 am Dutch time. This means that driving starts relatively early in Azerbaijan. Locally it starts at 12.30 pm.

After that, one will have to be patient before the sprint race itself is on the program, because the sprint race only takes place more than four hours after the end of qualifying. The game will start at 3:30 PM Dutch time, which means that it is 5:30 PM in Azerbaijan at that time. Then the drivers will be able to race fully and fight hard duels with each other, because the final position does not matter for the main race.

Sprint race stands alone

Previously this was different. The outcome of the sprint race then determined the starting grid for the race on Sunday. That has changed, Friday’s qualifying counts as the grid for the main race on Sunday. This gives drivers more room to fight each other, because it should lead to more entertainment.

Watch GP Azerbaijan live?

Can Red Bull continue the strong opening phase of the season in Azerbaijan? The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is ​​broadcast by F1TV and Viaplay, among others. Register with the providers to see live images of the sessions yourself. If you want an overview of all TV providers for the entire season, view this page.

Bet on Azerbaijan GP

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