‘Weski put under pressure by Taghi’s family to forward messages’

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Weski prior to one of the hearings in the Marengo trial
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Lawyer Inez Weski has been pressured by relatives of Ridouan Taghi to act as a conduit between the outside world and the high-security prison in Vught, where Taghi is being held. Het Parool writes this on the basis of decrypted messages from criminal files.

The newspaper investigated reports from the so-called 26Mandel case, which revolved around lawyer Youssef T., Ridouan Taghi’s cousin. He was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison at the beginning of this year because of the role he played as a conduit in a criminal organization.

But even before his lawyer cousin passed on messages, Taghi was already communicating from the EBI, reports Het Parool. The decrypted messages hint that Weski may have played a role in this.

‘that lawyer’

For example, Weski would have been in possession of a telephone with which encrypted messages could be sent. The article shows that a son and sister of Taghi put pressure on Weski in various ways to pass on messages to her client. For example, relatively shortly after Taghi’s arrest, the son regularly writes in messages to his aunt about an “advo” and it seems to be about EBI visits.

According to the newspaper, Weski’s arrest shows that the OM now thinks that the lawyer has succumbed to the pressure. In the summer of 2022, the judiciary would have had access to new encrypted messages, which provided more insight into Weski’s role. There is “a strong case” against Weski, sources with knowledge of the investigation say to Het Parool.


Weski always vehemently denied being a conduit for her client. Since her arrest, she has been in complete restraint, which has prevented her from responding to the allegations and suspicions against her.

Taghi was arrested in Dubai at the end of 2019. Shortly afterwards he was extradited and transferred to the EBI in Vught.

Weski was arrested last Friday on suspicion of participation in a criminal organization. She assisted Taghi in the Marengo liquidation process. Taghi is the main suspect in that process. Earlier this week it was announced that Weski has resigned Taghi’s defense.

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