Weir at Grave broken: shipping halted due to falling Maas 12:20 in Regional news A contractor is trying to solve the situation, but according to Rijkswaterstaat that is difficult due to the strong current.

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The broken weir at Grave

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The weir in the Maas near Grave has been broken since this morning. During work, parts have broken, causing the water to flow out of the Maas, Rijkswaterstaat reports.

A contractor tries to solve the situation, but it is difficult because of the strong current. If too much water flows away, the water level will drop and boats, houseboats and harbors upstream may run dry.

Some boat owners quickly retrieve their craft from land:

Weir at Grave broken

During maintenance work, a so-called yoke exploded around 08:00. That is a pole between which the slides of the weir hang. A construction pit was then sucked into the hole. No one was injured.

Water drops

The water level drops between Sambeek and Grave. Shipping traffic has therefore come to a preventive standstill. Houseboat owners and marinas will be informed by Rijkswaterstaat.

In addition, the lock at Heumen is closed to prevent effects on the Maas-Waal Canal and the branches.

Refugee boat gone

Due to the low water level, a refugee boat in Mook in Limburg must be moved as quickly as possible. The boat would be able to accommodate about a hundred Ukrainian refugees from next week and arrived in Mook just this week.

The ship is now going to Heijen, where the water is still deep enough, writes 1Limburg. Whether it will be possible to accommodate people from September 5 is still unclear.

Collision 2016

At the end of 2016, major problems arose with the weir in Grave after a ship collided with it. Houseboats and harbors then dried up, writes Omroep Brabant.

Shipping traffic was at a standstill for more than half a year.

  • Uncertainty about collision weir Grave lasted half a day
  • OM wants a fine of 1400 euros for a collision with the Grave weir
  • Repairing a broken weir costs around 20 million euros
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