Week-long ceasefire announced in Sudan 17:41 in Abroad The Sudanese army and RSF paramilitary militia will also appoint representatives to participate in peace talks.

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A store in Khartoum has been completely destroyed
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The warring parties in Sudan have again agreed on a ceasefire. It must last longer than previous ceasefires: the intention is that both parties will lay down their weapons for a week from Thursday 4 May.

South Sudan has brokered the talks. South Sudanese President Kiir says it has also been agreed that both sides will appoint representatives to participate in peace talks.

The Sudanese army and RSF paramilitary militia have agreed to ceasefires several times since the outbreak of the conflict. Last Thursday it was extended by 72 hours, but no new agreements have been made since then.

Black clouds of smoke

Even today, fighting is still going on in the African country. According to news agency Reuters, large black clouds of smoke hang over the capital Khartoum. And explosions were also heard today around the city of Omdurman, across the Nile. It is not clear whether there have been any casualties today.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are still a few Dutch people in Sudan, but because it is too unsafe to fly to the country, no Dutch evacuation flights will be carried out for the time being. Today it became clear that a Dutchman who was kidnapped by RSF soldiers has been released and is back home.

  • Kidnapped Dutchman released and evacuated in Sudan
  • Sudan’s shaky ceasefire extended by 72 hours
  • Abroad

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