Weapons and drugs found after arrest of Doetinchem suspects

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Weapons and drugs found after arrest of Doetinchem suspects

The police have arrested four men in Doetinchem, suspected of trafficking in soft and hard drugs. Drugs and firearms were found in a stash.


In a criminal investigation into the trade of soft and hard drugs in Doetinchem and the surrounding area, the police arrested four suspects. She will announce this on Thursday. These are three men from Doetinchem aged 23, 24 and 27 and a 26-year-old Doesburger. These men are suspected of having dealt soft and hard drugs in an organized context, according to the police.

In the act

After signals of drug trafficking were received by the police, the police in Gelderland started an investigation. This led to an action, with the arrests of the 24- and 27-year-old men from Doetinchem last month. They were caught red-handed in Wehl while dealing drugs.

Dozens of zip-lock bags and wrappers containing suspected hard and soft drugs and strips of medicine were found in the car in which the two were driving. There were also several mobile phones in the car. These have been seized for further investigation.


On the same day, the 26-year-old man from Doesburg was arrested in his home. His phone was also seized for further investigation. A day later, 23-year-old Doetinchemmer was arrested.

The police suspect that the two Doetinchem residents who were arrested during the action had the largest share in the drug trade. They are suspected of being in charge. The other two arrested suspects probably delivered the drugs.


During the investigation, investigators discovered a location where the suspects probably kept their stock. Shortly after the arrest, the police conducted a search at this location, in a garage in Wehl. It turned out to indeed be a stash. A number of bottles were found containing suspected GHB, ziplock bags and containers with a white substance and several dozen pills. The drugs have been seized. They are still being tested and weighed.


In addition to the drugs, detectives also found three firearm-like objects and ammunition in the garage. Two of these turned out to be real firearms, and the other was a gas alarm pistol. A large shopping bag full of illegal fireworks was also found in the garage.

The two main suspects are currently still in custody. They have been remanded in custody by the examining magistrate for 90 days. The other two men are now free again. The police are continuing the investigation.

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