Ways to separate business waste

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It is very common at home to separate waste. In the office it is very different. However, it is mandatory for companies to separate waste. Less than half of what comes out of offices and shops is not recycled. Do you want help separating from industrial waste via MilieuServiceNederland.nl? Then the following tips can help you.

1. Identify industrial waste

It all starts with mapping out how much waste your company has. For example, is it a lot of paper and cardboard? Or is there a lot of glass or plastic? When you visualize this properly in quantity and type, it can create awareness. That motivates to produce less waste.

2. The waste containers together

When you know which waste streams there are, it also makes collection easier. You can then choose the right containers for that. That’s how to arrange one residual waste container from MilieuServiceNederland a wise choice. You also take care of the other containers for the waste streams that you still have, such as paper and plastic. When everything can be collected in one place, it makes it a lot easier.

3. No own waste bins

You also want to ensure that the employees all want to cooperate. That is why it is smart to remove your own waste bins from under the desks. This is because all types of waste are collected together. This makes divorce a lot more difficult. This way you reduce residual waste and you can separate more at central locations.

4. Have a goal

It is important to know how much waste you have now. It is also important to determine what amount you want to go to. Say, for example, that you want to produce 10% less residual waste. Then you can work on that by properly separating. Make sure everyone knows the objective and is motivated to work towards it.

5. Do it together

It is smart to involve everyone in the company. Communicate well and be open to ideas from others. That way you can be sure that you can get more out of it. This is also an important matter for the employees, of course.

As a company, you naturally want your employees to work productively and efficiently. You also want to provide a healthy and comfortable working environment for them.…

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