Waste in parts of Limburg not cleaned up after carnival due to strike

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Waste in Maastricht after carnival

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In Maastricht, Meerssen and Valkenburg no waste is collected after carnival. This is due to a strike by garbage collectors, which starts next Wednesday.

The cleaning services are on strike for a week for a better collective labor agreement. The trade union FNV actually wanted to strike from Monday, but because of carnival, the municipalities did not think that was a good idea, writes 1Limburg.

That is why the waste is still collected on Tuesday morning, after that no more. Municipalities and entrepreneurs expect it to become a big mess, writes the regional broadcaster.


Not only is the household waste not collected, the landfill is also closed and there is no response to reports from citizens. The municipalities are also not allowed to engage other companies. “Then we would break the strike,” said Maastricht alderman Alex Meij to 1Limburg.

During the strike, waste will only be collected if it is really necessary. “Only if safety is at stake, for example if emergency services can no longer pass, will Stadsbeheer still be called upon,” says Meij.

The Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) is negotiating with the union. FNV wants employees to receive 12 percent more wages, but the municipalities only want to go up to 8 percent. The cleaning services have also announced an action in Den Bosch and parts of Amsterdam. Earlier there were already strikes in Groningen and Utrecht.

If the mess stays put, people will see how important it is, cleaning employees tell regional broadcaster L1:

Waste strike after carnival in Limburg: ‘Do they see how important it is’
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