Was Pérez’s victory in Saudi Arabia agreed? “That does not come from Verstappen”

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Was Pérez’s victory in Saudi Arabia agreed?  “That does not come from Verstappen”

Robert Doornbos and Jack Plooij claim that Sergio Pérez played a game during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The second driver of Red Bull Racing would also have tried to drive the fastest lap, which eventually went to Max Verstappen. Former Formula 1 team boss Eddie Jordan also suggested that Pérez’s victory had been agreed, but Plooij does not want to believe that.

‘Pérez actually played a game again’, Doornbos begins in the Race Café on Ziggo Sport. “Obviously he has done a great job and is driving crazy on street circuits. Pole and winning is great, but that hat trick (with fastest time, ed.) Was closer than he suggested here. Afterwards it turned out that he also did his best to drive that fastest time, only he made a mistake. Of course Max crossed the finish line after him, and he still catches him.’

Plooij: ‘Verstappen always wants to win’

Earlier this week, Jordan said that Red Bull did not want Verstappen to win. “In retrospect, it is also said that there was an agreement that if Pérez drives away clean and leads the entire race, he could win him from the team. That seems to have been agreed before the race’, Plooij refers to Jordan’s words, which he does not believe. ‘Of course that comes from Checo, it doesn’t come from Max. He wants to win, always. A lot of things happened after that race.”

Currently, Pérez is one point behind Verstappen. If the Mexican had taken the fastest lap, he would have been at the top. Despite that, the confidence is not less. “Those Mexicans still believe that he can become world champion,” said Plooij. Doornbos adds: ‘If he keeps this pace on all circuits, which will not be the case, but on the street circuit he will match in pace.’ Plooij expects Pérez to be able to repeat this trick ‘three or four times’.

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