Warner Bros ‘absolutely’ wants a sequel to Barbie

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Would there be a sequel to Barbie after all? As far as Film Studio Warner Bros is concerned, it is. The film studio is “absolutely keen” to make a sequel to the successful film. This was said by CEO Pam Abdy of the film studio in an interview with the BBC’s The Media Show.

Abdy said that the parties are “in continuous discussions” about a possible sequel, but points out that it depends on director Greta Gerwig whether there will be a sequel.


Barbie was the most successful film of 2023 with a worldwide gross of 1.4 billion dollars. The film has a chance to win the prize for best film at the Oscars on Sunday, but the film was passed over in a number of other important categories. For example, director Gerwig and leading actress Margot Robbie have not been nominated in the best director and best actress categories. “Of course” that hurts, Abdy said.

Abdy, on the other hand, was optimistic about Barbie being nominated for the best picture award. “There’s always a chance” that Barbie will win the award, Warner Bros. CEO said.

‘It all depends on Greta’

Ever since the release of the Barbie movie, there has been speculation about a possible sequel. “We cannot comment on that,” Noah Baumbach, one of the makers of Barbie, said late last year in the American TV program 60 Minutes.

Director Greta Gerwig also did not comment on it. “I can’t comment on that. I mean, the truth is… I guess we’ll see,” she sounded mysterious during the interview.

Margot Robbie, who played the role of Barbie, would like a second Barbie film, the actress previously told E! News. But she also tempers fans’ expectations. “Don’t know. We gave everything for that first film. I can’t imagine what else we can do,” Robbie said at the time. “It all depends on Greta. I wouldn’t want to do it without her.”

Gerwig previously said he was “completely empty” after the film. “Right now this is all I have in me. After every film I always think that I will never have another idea and that I have done everything I wanted to do. Right now I’m completely empty.”

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