Wanted protest leader Suriname reports to the police

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Demonstrators during the protest in Independence Square
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The leader of the protest in Paramaribo, Stephano Biervliet, has reported to the police station in Paramaribo. The police were looking for him because of the anti-government protest that ended in the storming of the parliament in Paramaribo on Friday. Destruction and fire were set. Shops were also looted.

Biervliet says in a statement that he has nothing to do with the disturbances. According to him, a group with which he would not have had contact separated to go to the parliament building.

Police not well prepared

Surinamese Minister of Justice Amoksi said at a press conference that the police were not well enough prepared for the looting of the demonstrators. According to Amoksi, a script had been drawn up for the demonstration, but things went differently during the day than had been foreseen. “We may not have anticipated this excess enough, we must be able to prevent it in the future and prevent as many victims as possible,” said the minister.

Amoksi also said that the Surinamese police force will soon receive more equipment, including for the mobile unit.

The police have made 128 arrests so far. 20 injured people have reported to the hospitals. This includes people with gunshot wounds, but also people who had inhaled tear gas.

For the time being, the city center of Paramaribo will remain closed. Shops must remain closed, just like in the adjacent Wanica district, and only local traffic is allowed. Security services are keeping a close eye on government buildings, banks and the media, and roadblocks have been set up at strategic places.

Customized travel advice

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has adjusted the travel advice for Dutch people to Suriname. Travelers are advised to avoid downtown Paramaribo, government buildings and other busy places.

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