Wake-up service 8/3: International Women’s Day • Ruling in lung covid case 06:59 in Binnenland News, weather, traffic: with this overview you can start your day well-informed.

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Vietnamese women pose in traditional dresses for International Women’s Day
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Good morning! It’s International Women’s Day and the court rules whether the Dutch state has done enough to protect healthcare workers with lung covid.

First the weather: in the morning it will be cloudy and snow or sleet will fall for quite some time in the south. Especially in the southeast it turns white. This afternoon it will be drier everywhere and the sun will break through more often. It will be 2 to 5 degrees.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find an overview of the activities. Check the rail timetable here (and note: regional transport is on strike).

What can you expect today?

  • It’s International Women’s Day. There are lectures, guided tours and debates in many places in the Netherlands.
  • The court in The Hague rules in the case brought by trade unions FNV and CNV to enforce support for healthcare workers with lung covid. According to the unions, the State did not protect them sufficiently in the first corona year.
  • King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima continue their state visit to Slovakia. Today they talk to young people about gender equality and women’s emancipation, and they go to an LGBTI café.
  • The 20-year-old man from Roermond is on trial in Den Bosch who attacked the goalkeeper of the Spanish club on the field during the PSV – Sevilla Europa League match at the end of last month.

What did you miss?

BBB party leader Caroline van der Plas will not attend the farmers’ protest in The Hague on Saturday because she does not feel safe there. Van der Plas has been threatened before and in recent weeks the weather has been “very restless”, she said in the program Today Inside .

She says she does not feel safe enough “to stand on stage at such a massive gathering”. Van der Plas says that she does not know exactly who is coming and that “people are getting angrier”.

“I’m not saying there will be an attack, but it’s so restless that I’m not going to do that. I’m not saying ‘there’s someone with a gun’, but people are so angry with me, spreading all kinds of theories (. ..) It may be that someone is so convinced that I am evil that he thinks: and now I’m going to do it.”

Other news from the night:

  • ‘Every company should get a confidential advisor, politics should arrange that’: Such a point of contact should be created, no matter how small the company is, believes the government commissioner for sexually transgressive behaviour, Mariëtte Hamer. The issue will be discussed in the House of Representatives today.

  • Women sue Texas over strict abortion law: Five women who say they couldn’t get an abortion in Texas when their lives were in danger are going to court. In Texas, doctors who perform abortions face up to 99 years in prison.

  • 2 dead and 16 injured by train derailment in Egypt: That happened in Qalyub, near the capital Cairo, when the train was on its way to the city of Menouf. The train driver would have missed a stop signal.

And then this:

A Czech company makes inflatable tanks that can fool enemies on radars, for example. It is not clear whether the company also supplies Ukraine, but sales have increased by 30 percent since last year.

Czech company makes inflatable tank to fool enemy

Nice day!

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