Wake-up service 21/4: De Mos hears whether he is guilty of corruption • Tulip festival starts 06:51 in Binnenland , Abroad News, weather, traffic: with this overview you start your day well informed.

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Wake-up service 20/4
NOS News

Good morning! Today the Hague former aldermen De Mos and Guernaoui hear whether they are guilty of official corruption and the Tulip Festival starts in the Noordoostpolder.

First the weather: in the north and south sometimes sun and especially later in the day a shower, possibly with thunder. Elsewhere cloudy and occasional rain. Maximum 15 to 19 degrees, but clearly cooler during prolonged rain.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find an overview of the activities. And view the rail timetable here.

What can you expect today?

  • The Hague former aldermen Richard de Mos and Rachid Guernaoui hear whether they are found guilty of official corruption. The OM is demanding 22 months unconditional prison sentence against De Mos and 16 months against Guernaoui, 6 of which are conditional.
  • King Willem-Alexander gives the go-ahead for the King’s Games in Deventer. In connection with the celebration of the Islamic Sugar Feast, the King’s Games have been spread over two days for the first time this year and schools were also able to hold the games on Wednesday this year.
  • The court in Haarlem is considering whether the North Sea Canal Area Environment Agency should remove the cameras from Tata Steel in summary proceedings. The environmental service wants to monitor the steel factory with the cameras.
  • The Tulip Festival, which lasts two weeks, starts in the Noordoostpolder. In the largest tulip area in the Netherlands, motorists and cyclists can drive past the tulip fields.

What did you miss?

In Sudan, one of the warring factions, the RSF militia, has declared a unilateral ceasefire on the occasion of the Eid which started today. RSF has been in a fierce battle with the regular army since last weekend.

The ceasefire should come into effect at 6:00 am (it is the same time there as in the Netherlands) and last for at least 72 hours. For example, “humanitarian corridors can be opened to evacuate civilians, and they can visit their families,” the RSF said in a press statement.

The question is whether the ceasefire will be observed. Sudan’s military has not yet responded. Previous files were violated almost immediately.

Other news from the night

  • Cargo worth more than 13 million euros stolen from Toronto airport, including gold: The cargo arrived last Monday by cargo plane and was parked in a storage area at the airport. Then the cargo disappeared.

  • Trump ally must pay 5 million to winner voting machine ‘challenge’: He argues that the Chinese government manipulated American voting machines in 2020, which he believes wrongly designated Joe Biden as the winner.

  • Hindu priest (77) in jail for abusing woman during ritual: The priest would have touched her during the ritual. The Hindu priest also forbade her to say ‘no’ to his touches.

And then this:

It’s a party in Alkmaar, because AZ is back in the semi-finals of a European club tournament for the first time in eighteen years. The club won from Anderlecht with penalties. AZ will face West Ham United in the semi-finals of the Conference League. Feyenoord was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Europa League in extra time by AS Roma.

AZ celebrates afterwards with the supporters

Happy Friday!

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