Wake-up service 18/4: Rutte talks about ‘debt of honor’ in Groningen • Group 8 starts Cito test 06:57 in Binnenland , Abroad News, weather, traffic: with this overview you start your day well-informed.

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Good morning! Today Prime Minister Rutte will talk in Groningen about how the cabinet wants to pay off the ‘debt of honor’ to Groningen residents and the first students in group 8 will start the Cito test.

First the weather: in the morning the clouds gradually increase from the east, but the sun can also be seen occasionally. The temperature will rise to 12 to 14 degrees this afternoon. The moderate to fairly strong wind makes it feel fresh. Wide spells of clear skies this evening and into the night.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find an overview of the activities. And here you can find the current situation on the track.

What can you expect today?

  • A sizeable cabinet delegation, including State Secretary Vijlbrief (Mining) and Prime Minister Rutte, will talk to Groningen administrators today about the ‘debt of honour’ that the Netherlands owes to Groningen, according to the parliamentary committee of inquiry, and about future prospects for the region.
  • The first students in group 8 start with the Cito Central Final Test. This year the final test will be taken for the last time. Next year this will be replaced by a so-called ‘transfer test’, which will be held in February.
  • Streaming service Netflix comes with quarterly figures for the first three months of this year. The service will also provide insight into which films and series were well viewed and how well the increased competition from other streaming services such as Disney +, HBO Max or Amazon has been withstood.
  • In the Champions League, the returns in the quarterfinals are scheduled. Last year’s winner Real Madrid defended a 2-0 lead against Chelsea in London. Napoli will try to eliminate the 1-0 defeat against AC Milan in a home game.

What did you miss?

Last year, 737 people died in a traffic accident in the Netherlands. That is 155 more than in the previous year and the highest number since 2008. The increase was strongest among cyclists aged 75 and older, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

A total of 291 cyclists and 225 occupants of a passenger car were killed. Other fatalities include pedestrians, motorcyclists and scooter drivers.

Nearly half of the cyclists who crashed last year had a collision with a (delivery) car. A quarter of the bicycle fatalities occurred in a single-vehicle accident, for example due to a slippery road surface, an incorrect steering movement or because the cyclist became unwell.

Other news from the night:

  • 84-year-old American charged with shooting black teenager at front door: The boy, Ralph Yarl, had rung or knocked but was at the wrong address. According to the prosecutor, “there is a racial component to this case”.

  • ‘Public health care is wavering; appoint health commissioner’: The Council for Public Health and Society (RVS) writes “It is too non-committal and fragmented, too focused on the short term and too little is invested in it.”

  • Lebbis & Jansen are going to make a New Year’s Eve conference again after 17 years: The two are starting a theater tour again for the first time since 2006. This year’s New Year’s Eve conference will be entitled SUBLIEM.

And then this:

A sleeping wolf was found in a backyard in Doetinchem. The animal is sedated and taken away. Silvia saw the animal earlier in the residential area when she was walking her dog. She went back home and called the police. That resulted in a special conversation, because of her maiden name and her married name.

‘If it was April 1, no one would have believed me’:

Silvia de Wolf-De Wolff found a wolf: ‘If it was April 1, no one would have believed me’

Happy Tuesday!

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