Wake-up call 16/9: Death of Iranian Mahsa Amini years ago • Oktoberfest starts 07:46 in Domestic News, weather, traffic: with this overview you start the day informed.

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Good morning! Today marks exactly one year since Iranian Mahsa Amini died after her arrest. And the largest folk festival in the world starts in Munich: the Oktoberfest.

First the weather: Lots of sun today, although there are some cloud fields here and there. Today it will be between 22 and 26 degrees and tomorrow another summer day awaits us. After that the weather will become changeable and cooler.

The weather of September 16, 2023

Are you going on the road? Here you will find an overview of the work. And here you can see where work is being done on the track.

What can you expect today?

  • Today, some soldiers from the special pathfinders platoon make a free fall from 3 kilometers above the Ginkelse Heide near Ede. This takes place during the 79th commemoration of the Airborne Airborne Landings, which inaugurated the Allied battle for Arnhem in September 1944.
  • Today marks one year since Iranian Mahsa Amini died after her arrest by the moral police for improperly wearing a headscarf. In The Hague, among other places, people take to the streets to commemorate her.
  • The annual Oktoberfest starts in Munich. It is considered the largest folk festival in the world. Last year, 5.7 million people attended the beer festival on the Theresienwiese. The celebration lasts until October 3.
  • The denouement of the Tour of Spain is approaching. The penultimate cycling stage is 208 kilometers and goes from Manzanares El Real to Guadarrama. There are ten third category climbs with a total of 4300 meters of elevation gain.
  • In football, the Premier League will resume after the international break with Feyenoord-Heerenveen and PSV-NEC, among others.

What did you miss?

The Public Prosecution Service will replace and relocate a large number of speed cameras in the near future. Flashes are also included. There are currently more than 600 fixed speed cameras in the Netherlands. Most of it needs to be replaced.

One of the municipalities that fervently hopes for a speed camera is Tilburg. Councilor Rik Grashoff would even like to have several, for example along the Ringbaan-Zuid, a section of a four-lane road around the city.

“We have had several major hits here in recent years and also some fatal accidents,”

Other news from the night:

  • Four explosions in a short time in Amsterdam: The police in Amsterdam arrested a 20-year-old man after the last explosion in the Bijlmer.
  • Record number of deaths after infection with dengue virus in Bangladesh: This year, 778 people have already succumbed to infection. The previous record number of deaths was last year. Then 281 people died. Experts say the lack of coordinated policies is leading to more deaths from the disease.
  • Mexico extradites son of drug boss ‘El Chapo’ to the US: His father was extradited in 2017 and is now serving a life sentence in the US’s most secure prison in Colorado.

And then this:

Yesterday, many students and their teachers joined the Global Climate Strike demonstration on the Malieveld. Most of them received permission from school to do so.

These students are on strike today for the climate

Have a pleasant Saturday!

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