VVD: produce more energy yourself, less power unfree countries

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MPs on a working visit to the production of green hydrogen (2022)
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  • Ewoud Kieviet

    Political reporter

Coal-fired power stations that suddenly have to open longer. Liquefied gas that must be purchased urgently. The VVD in the House of Representatives wants future cabinets to determine how they will organize energy security. This is to prevent chaotic situations such as after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The world has become less safe. And we no longer want to transfer money to hostile and unfree regimes.” says Member of Parliament Erkens. Minister Jetten for Climate and Energy is working on a major energy plan that should be ready by the end of this year, and the VVD says it will probably think along with him.

In the coming years, politicians should focus on generating or extracting energy themselves, even if purchasing would be cheaper, the party believes. For example, generating green hydrogen instead of buying it in the Middle East. Erkens: “Our investment money then remains in the Netherlands instead of spending it on Qatar, Russia or China.”

Spread risk

If purchasing is nevertheless necessary, then not the price but the long-term reliability should be the deciding factor. For example, by purchasing from Norway, or from many different countries to spread the risk.

This also applies to the purchase of raw materials such as lithium for the storage of solar energy. This raw material now comes almost exclusively from China.

Future cabinets must be accountable to the House of Representatives and citizens with their long-term plans, says Erkens. “But the implementation remains in the hands of market parties.”

SP wants to nationalize

The SP has just started a popular petition to nationalize energy, i.e. remove it from the market and transfer it entirely to the government. “It is good to see that the VVD sees that the market is not solving it,” says MP Leijten. But according to her, the VVD does not go far enough.

“Foreign shareholders are about profits and investments, so in the end you have nothing to say.” The SP wants complete nationalization of the purchase, generation and sale of energy. So a state company. Leijten sees the fastest step as having the network companies, which are still national, also supply energy.

“If a Swedish state-owned company like Vattenfall can do it, then a Dutch state-owned company can do it too.”

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  • SP hopes that the tide is now with it and is conducting a nationalization campaign
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