Vulture from Blijdorp escaped turns up in forest near Burgh-Haamstede Just before they arrived, the vulture flew away again.

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The vulture was briefly seen in a forest near Burgh-Haamstede

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A vulture that escaped from Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam more than a week ago was seen this morning in a forest near Burgh-Haamstede, Staatsbosbeheer says.

Blijdorp employees who came to the forest area to catch the bird were unlucky. Just before they arrived, the vulture flew away, writes Omroep Zeeland.

“The vulture flew south with the wind,” says a spokesman for Staatsbosbeheer. “He was never seen again after that.” It is not yet clear where the vulture flew to. Forest rangers are trying to find out together with the people of Blijdorp.

Vulture seen in several places

The vulture escaped from the vulture enclosure of Blijdorp. The net of the enclosure was loosened for a moment by the wind, after which the vulture escaped. According to regional broadcaster Rijnmond, it is a Rüppell’s vulture, which occurs naturally in Africa. The vulture was born in Blijdorp and is about one year old.

The animal has now traveled quite a few kilometers. The bird has previously been seen in Overschie, Schiedam and Spijkenisse, among others. Blijdorp rather expected that the vulture itself would return to the enclosure as soon as it got hungry. That has not happened so far.

Ecologist Theo Muusse of Staatsbosbeheer says that the escaped vulture is not dangerous for walkers in the forest area:

Vulture from Blijdorp spotted in Burgh-Haamstede: ‘It is absolutely not dangerous for us’

It’s not the first time a vulture has escaped. Three years ago, one also flew away from Blijdorp. That happened when he and his peers were allowed to fly around freely.

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