VNG advises municipalities to offer third-country nationals shelter after the deadline. "We don’t just put people on the street."

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A demonstration of refugees from Ukraine who originally come from another country
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The Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) advises municipalities to continue to receive so-called third-country nationals from Ukraine for the time being. The cabinet wants municipalities to stop this reception next Monday, but due to contradictory judgements, it is unclear whether the cabinet can withdraw the right of residence of third-country nationals. These non-Ukrainians were living in Ukraine when war broke out last year and then fled to the Netherlands.

Earlier today, a tour of the ANP news agency among 300 municipalities showed that several municipalities are ignoring the deadline of next Monday. Eindhoven, Groningen, Arnhem, Ede, Deventer and Roermond, among others, oppose the decision of outgoing State Secretary Van der Burg of Asiel. He said yesterday that he wants to stick to the deadline and stop the shelter on Monday.

Contradictory statements

In recent weeks, judges have ruled differently in cases about the right of residence of third-country nationals. A judge ruled that the government itself may determine who falls under the protection directive and that the government may also withdraw that right for people who do not fall under the European rules. Another judge ruled this week that only the European Union can decide to end European protection.

Third-country nationals who have not applied for asylum or a study visa should leave the Netherlands within 28 days from Monday. Van der Burg thinks that “by then”, when the four-week departure period is coming to an end, it will be more clear about how to proceed.

The Council of State, the highest administrative court, must ultimately give a judgment. The VNG says to await that judgment and advises municipalities not to take “irreversible decisions” in the meantime.

On the street now, shelter later?

There are 40 third-country nationals registered in the city of Groningen. That municipality has also decided to ignore the deadline. “We will not force people to leave,” a spokesperson told ANP news agency. “We also do this to prevent a large influx at the application center in Ter Apel.”

Eindhoven points to the lawsuits that are still pending. If the refugees are put on the street now, they may have to receive shelter again later. “We therefore now choose to continue the reception for all third-country nationals in Eindhoven (98 people).” Arnhem says: “We are a hospitable city and don’t just put people on the street.”

About 2900 third-country nationals reside in the Netherlands. The cabinet wants the refugees to lose their right to protection and reception on Monday. About 700 of them want to apply for asylum and would therefore end up in a reception center of the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA). The refugees initially received the same protection and the same rights as Ukrainian refugees.

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