Viral this week: Rolls-Royce, Apple Vision Pro and Ischgl

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Viral this week: Rolls-Royce, Apple Vision Pro and Ischgl

Lately we have been seeing more and more that things that go viral have a successor, and this was the case this week, for example, with Victoria Beckham.

Vicky’s Rolls Royce

Have you seen the Beckham documentary on Netflix? Then you know that everyone is not so much talking about that whole part about the footballer’s life, but that it is mainly about that one moment when Victoria tries to convey that she came from a very ordinary working-class family. Hubby David pokes his head around the door to say: ‘Which car did you take to school?’ See her t-shirt. Reason for Uber Eats to rope in the couple for a follow-up commercial.

More vintage cars

And speaking of classic cars, have you seen the Ford Model A drifting in the snow? This car from 1929 can hold its own very well in bad weather, as it turns out. Almost 100 year old donuts? We like them!

100 year old wine

Speaking of 100 years old, people also seem to be very mesmerized by opening a jar containing 100 year old wine. Whether it is still tasty or has become more vinegary is unknown, but it still has a nice color, right?

More snow fun

That Ford probably has more fun in the snow than people in the Austrian town of Ischgl: it is quite prime time on the slopes there. And that means that if you fall, you can easily knock over all kinds of other winter sports. An intense amount of people are trying to conquer the snow there on the mountain. Even if it’s mainly slaloming around the others…

Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s augmented reality glasses are out and many people have already been spotted with such a device on their heads. And that sometimes looks quite strange… People who walk through the big city while making gestures with glasses on, or who do some work in the subway: – projected eyes or not – it is a strange sight.

We see it more often lately: things that once went viral now come with a kind of comeback, or a crazy twist. This week, for example, Victoria Beckham did that.

Rolls Royce

The Beckham documentary on Netflix is ​​very interesting, but everyone is really talking about that moment when Victoria implies that her family were just hardworking blue collar people. Until hubby David pokes his head around the corner and laughs loudly: “What car did you take to school in again?” In a new commercial for Uber Eats, Victoria makes a joke of it herself.

Drifting Ford Model A goes viral

We’ll stick with classics for a while, because a video of a 1929 Ford Model A drifting wildly in the snow is currently going viral. It looks very special with such an oldtimer. Almost 100 year old donuts? We like them!

Ischgl is a bit busy

Even more snow fun, or well… A viral video shows how busy it is on the slopes of Ischgl, Austria. Especially if you fall, you can quickly knock over some people.

100 year old wine

What’s also going viral, and we don’t quite understand why, is a video of opening a jar containing 100-year-old wine. It looks really old, but in the end we don’t know what the wine tastes like. Is it vinegar now, or is it still really tasty? In any case, it is still a very nice color. And yes, it does make us thirsty, so soon after Dry January.

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