Viral this week: friendly football players and confused puppy

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Viral this week: friendly football players and confused puppy

This week we have of course seen a lot of April Fool’s jokes go viral, but we will pay special attention to that tomorrow in our April Fool’s article. This week’s viral is about other things, including sympathetic athletes and more.

Brian Brobbey makes a wish come true

Brian Brobbey is not only a good football player at Ajax, he is also a good guest: he made Sem’s wish come true, who is seriously ill. A meeting, a shirt, tickets to the game, and the best part: a hug.

Even more friendly footballers

The children who are always allowed to walk onto the field with the football players are of course completely happy. In the spotlight, with their idol. But if it starts to rain, what then? When the Miami and New York Red Bulls football players wear the jackets, you can see them beaming a bit.

This Korean BBQ is extra spicy

You will only have a bone to pick with your ex and have just opened a new restaurant. It’s pretty cool to see that the owner of this new Korean BBQ restaurant put up a giant flag that said, “Hey Sophia, you broke up with me because I was poor. Now I have money to buy a Korean BBQ restaurant.” restaurant: do you have any regrets now?” Very ballsy (via Reddit).

Korean BBQ

Redundancy in the tech world

You don’t think about it every day, but even when you have finally scored your dream job, you never know when it will end. It happened to this woman who works in tech: she was fired. She filmed it and went completely viral.

10-year-old beats chess legend Magnus Carlsen

On, a 10-year-old boy took part in a match against none other than Magnus Carlsen, chess legend. And he actually defeated him. Painful for Carlsen, great for Faustino Oro, the little guy who clearly has a rather special brain.

Current time

Kelscruss on TikTok is a special woman, because what she does is something that not many people dare to do: unite the old with the new. Young people don’t read newspapers, but watch TikTok. So this young woman decided to read the newspaper on TikTok, and also provide some of her own context. It is appreciated, some videos have been viewed more than 1 million times.

@kelscruss like I knew about da bombs but the cluster bomblets?!??! #fyp #syrian #newyorktimes #ukraine #russia ♬ original sound – kelsey russell

Dog doesn’t understand water bowl

This dog is clearly not ready for April 1st, because he can’t handle real life already. A cute video shows him mistaking his bone-print water bowl for a real bone, so he doesn’t quite understand why he can’t get it. Enormous touching.


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