Viral this week: Drenthe Beyoncé and Star Wars at Empire State

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Viral this week: Drenthe Beyoncé and Star Wars at Empire State

This week it wasn’t too bad with the craziness surrounding viral posts, but there are still a few gems to mention: don’t worry. In addition, someone who we discussed before also passes by.

Painting with hands and feet

Rajacenna is a Vlaardingen woman who has regularly gone viral, because her brain not only works exceptionally, she has also found a good way to show it. On TikTok you can see how she paints four different paintings at the same time with her hands and feet. And they are also real beauties of paintings, not children’s drawings that we are already unsuccessful at with both hands and all our brain power. She will soon do it live: this quadridexter can be seen in Museum Vlaardingen in April. Justin Bieber and MrBeast have said it’s fantastic, so we expect big crowds during her sessions at the museum. They take place in April.

Star Wars on the Empire State

This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Phantom Menace (!) and in the run-up to that, Star Wars decided to take over the Empire State Building in New York. It is a sight to see, a large-scale light show.

The Drenthe Beyoncé

Beyoncé now has a very big hit with her country-like song This Ain’t Texas. Just met Leon Moorman, who makes D-pop. Watch his new TikTok hit below: This Ain’t De Randstad.

A run on mirrors

Sometimes you have to hold a mirror up to TikTok fans. Especially if you are Kwantum, because it went completely viral with its Teddy mirror and it got so bad that people were already standing in front of the doors before the shops opened and the mirrors were sold out within a few minutes. He also looks very cuddly…


Tammo is a popular boy in Groningen and he shares his adventures on TikTok. His latest viral hit is of course based on Joost Klein’s Europapa for the Eurovision Song Contest. And there is a station in Groningen called Europapark. That calls for a parody.

Teaser from The Penguin

This week, among other things, the teaser of The Penguin went viral, starring Colin Farrell as the title character of Oz Cobb. The Penguin is an eight-episode series coming to HBO Max and DC Comics fans are looking forward to it.

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