Violent perpetrators in the picture at Bureau Brabant

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Asten, Eindhoven – This Monday a lot of attention will be paid to violent cases in the broadcast of Bureau Brabant. We are looking for men who punched and kicked in a café in Asten and for two young men who committed assaults in the entertainment area of ​​Eindhoven.

Fighters in a cafe
Asten – Three men managed to spoil the atmosphere in a café on Prins Bernhardstraat on May 27 with their behavior, which is reason to show them the door. That message is not well received by the men and they go crazy. The cafe’s security guard in particular has to suffer, he is severely abused, but anyone who tries to help him or comes too close is also punched or kicked. Fighting also continues outside in the parking lot, several people are injured. Then they take off in a car. We are still looking for the identity of two of the three fighters. They must be found! Who will put us on their track?

Aggravated assault
Eindhoven – In the night of Saturday 29 to Sunday 30 July, three men were assaulted by two young men in the center of Eindhoven. The three later victims were approached, asked where they had been out and one of them was asked if he was gay. Shortly afterwards, the same man receives a hard karate kick in the face from one of the suspects, causing him to pass out for a moment. One of the others also gets kicked. Senseless nightlife violence, where the suspicion is very high that it was purely about the sexual orientation of the victims. Who are the two young men in the images?

Bank helpdesk fraud
Veldhoven – Again images of a PIN fraudster who withdraws money with a stolen bank card. The bank card had previously been stolen from an elderly man, who became a victim of bank helpdesk fraud.

Bureau Brabant is broadcast every Monday from 5 p.m. on Omroep Brabant and then repeated regularly.

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