Violent home robbery and street robbery in criminal investigation programs

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Violent home robbery and street robbery in criminal investigation programs

The Hague/Sassenheim/Alphen aan den Rijn/Zoetermeer – Tonight in the investigation programs Opsporing Verzoeken and Team West, attention will be paid to a robbery at a business premises in Sassenheim. In Opsporing Requested also images of a bank help desk fraud case and a street robbery in The Hague. Also featured in Team West: a home robbery in Alphen aan den Rijn, violent theft in Zoetermeer and arson in The Hague.

Bank help desk fraud and street robbery Zweeloosstraat The Hague

On Tuesday, September 13, an unknown man robbed an 18-year-old boy on Zweeloosstraat in The Hague of his wallet. This happened under threat of a suspected stabbing weapon. The victim had to walk with the robber to an ATM on the Leyweg in The Hague, where he had to withdraw 500 euros. This robber can also be seen at a bank help desk fraud, which was committed on Monday, November 7 on Dedemsvaartweg in The Hague. In Opsporing Requested we show camera images of this man.

Robbery company Rijkstraatweg Sassenheim

On the night of Tuesday, June 21, six unknown men raided a business unit on Rijkstraatweg in Sassenheim. The business park is located along the A4. Both entrepreneurs and individuals rent business units here for use as offices or for storage. A 52-year-old man is sleeping in one of these units. Around two o’clock that night, the victim is awakened by a lot of noise and is threatened with a firearm. Under threat of the firearm, the victim must hand over his mobile phone. Then the suspects lock him in a closet. Then the suspects leave in an unknown direction. The victim was later able to free herself from the closet. In Opsporing Requested and Team West, camera images of the robbers are shown.

Robbery house Kaninefatendreef Alphen aan den Rijn

On Monday, October 24, around 3 a.m., there was a very violent robbery in a house on Kaninefatendreef in Alphen aan den Rijn. The residents have been mistreated, threatened and tied up in their own homes. The robbers threatened the victims with a gun and a knife. They then made off with a TV, jewelery and a suitcase containing a wedding dress. After an hour, the victims manage to free themselves. The residents were taken to hospital for treatment. In the Team West we show CCTV footage of the two robbers.

Arson Edisonstraat The Hague

Earlier this month, residents of Edisonstraat in The Hague were shocked by two incidents in a short time. On Wednesday morning, March 15, around 3:20 a.m., a car was set on fire and a front door was damaged. On Friday morning around 00:20 there was an explosion in front of a house. The residents were home at the time and were shocked by a very loud blow. The front door and several windows were damaged. Emergency services brought to safety. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the residents and neighbors are very shocked. The investigation team is investigating whether there is a connection between the cases. In Team West you see CCTV footage of a suspect.

Theft with violence shop Driekant Zoetermeer

On Monday, September 12, one of the employees of a store sees an unknown man putting perfume in his pockets. This happened in a perfume shop on the Driekant in Zoetermeer. The employee asks him to empty his pockets. Six perfumes come out of one of his pockets. When the employee asks the man to empty his other pockets, he wants to walk away. The employee tries to stop him, but he breaks free, punches another employee in the ribs and then runs off. In the broadcast you see camera footage of this shoplifter.

Team West: broadcast every Tuesday from 5 p.m. on TV West and repeated every hour. On Wednesday, Team West will be repeated a number of times.
Detection Requested: every Tuesday around 8.30 pm on NPO2. The program will be repeated on NPO2 around 1.20 p.m. on Wednesday.

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