Violations during transport controls on hazardous (waste) substances

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Driebergen, Zeeland – On Tuesday and Wednesday, the police carried out checks on professional freight transport in Zeeland, specifically aimed at the transport of hazardous (waste) substances. These integral transport inspections were mainly carried out on Walcheren and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, but inspections were also carried out on the Oosterschelde and the Scheldt-Rhine Canal.

During these checks, an official report was drawn up against a skipper who had not degassed his cargo tanks in accordance with the rules of the ADN. An official report was drawn up against two other skippers because there was no toxicity meter on board, even though this was required by the hazardous substances being transported.

Broken big bags with environmentally hazardous solids

During the inspection, two lorries with a sea container were also checked simultaneously, which were loaded with an environmentally hazardous solid (UN3077) in big bags from one sender. These big bags went to the port of Rotterdam, but were not stowed according to the rules of the ADR and the IMDG. The containers were therefore returned to the loading address after coordination with the ILT supervisor. When the cargo was unloaded, it turned out that a number of big bags were broken, causing the product to flow out of the big bags. An official report will be drawn up against this loader.

Other Violations

An official report was also drawn up because a driver was driving with hazardous substances through the built-up area of ​​Zaamslagveer, a driver had not received periodic training, no labels or hazard identification numbers had been affixed, or the correct labels or hazard identification numbers had not been affixed, or because transport documents had not been completed correctly.

In addition to these violations related to the safe transport of hazardous substances, other violations were also found, such as holding a mobile phone while driving, not showing a NIWO permit, driving with slick or damaged tires and not have been inspected of the vehicle and tachograph.

Controls of professional goods transport

The specialists of the Transport and Environmental Control Team (Infrastructure Department, National Unit) regularly check the transport of professional goods. The police combat criminal use of the transport sector in order to ensure safe and ethical use of transport flows, among other things through targeted inspections, in cooperation with sector organizations and other enforcement parties.

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