Vettel about unrest at Red Bull: ‘Would like to have a little more transparency’

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Vettel about unrest at Red Bull: 'Would like to have a little more transparency'

Sebastian Vettel achieved his greatest successes in Formula 1 at Red Bull Racing, and is therefore happy with the sporting achievements of his former employer. However, the German is disappointed by the unrest at the Austrian manufacturer, which has caused a lot of distraction since the start of the season.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull ‘normally’ lead both championships, but Verstappen had to answer many questions about the political unrest within the team, especially in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In Bahrain it was mainly about team boss Christian Horner, while team advisor Helmut Marko demanded attention in Saudi Arabia by announcing a possible suspension or departure. The 80-year-old Austrian later announced that he would stay.

Verstappen’s future uncertain

Verstappen has a contract with Red Bull until 2028, but the Limburger’s future with the team is less certain than before. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff sees an opportunity and is fully committed to the arrival of Verstappen, while Verstappen and designer Adrian Newey have also been linked to Aston Martin in the rumor mill. Vettel mainly focuses on the results. “There is of course a lot of unrest at the moment, but from a sporting point of view I think there is no reason to think about a departure now,” Vettel keeps quiet about the political situations.

Vettel was trained by Red Bull, and drove for the main team for six seasons. “I know the team well,” Vettel admits to that it is difficult for him to respond. ‘I know Christian (Horner, ed.) and Helmut Marko very well from my own time, but it is very difficult to have an opinion, because you don’t know what happened and what didn’t happen. In that regard, you would like to have a little more transparency, but I hope it will become clear over time,” Vettel is keeping his fingers crossed for more information about the situation.

Vettel cheers for Verstappen

In 2023, Verstappen tightened Vettel’s record series of nine victories from 2013, and after that Verstappen again won nine times in a row. The Limburger soon received a message from Vettel in Monza, after his tenth win in a row, who thinks it is great that Verstappen is doing so well. ‘From a sporting point of view it is more fun if there is more happening, but you cannot forget the commitment behind the performance and dominance of Red Bull and Verstappen. You cannot emphasize that enough, so I am also happy if Max leads the field again,” said the 53-time Grand Prix winner.

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