Very pregnant woman seriously injured in Capelle robbery

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Capelle aan den IJssel – A heavily pregnant woman was seriously injured during a robbery on Bizetstraat on Monday evening. The robber hit her on the head, causing her to fall on her stomach and face. She suffered fractures to her face. The unborn baby appears unharmed. The perpetrator(s) managed to escape. The police are looking for them.

The 33-year-old woman from Capelle had just exercised and boarded the metro at Oostplein at 8 p.m. She got off at Capelsebrug station around 8:15 p.m. She walked under the AVR tunnel to the ‘s Gravenland district, where she walked via Haydenstraat towards Bizetstraat. She did not cross the bridge to Bizetstraat but stayed on the side of the AVR.

Just past that bridge she was attacked from behind and hit on the head. She fell forward on her stomach and face.
She heard someone tell her to give money. Then her phone was grabbed and the person ran away again. The victim then walked into the neighborhood with a bloody face, disoriented. People caught her on Bachstraat and called the emergency services.

The victim had to go to the hospital to check on the baby. It turned out that she also suffered fractures in her face that required surgery.

The police immediately started an investigation in the area in search of witnesses and camera images. Perhaps there are people who have already seen this woman on the way to Capelle or the scene of the robbery. We would like to know if she has been followed or if anyone has noticed something else.

The victim is light-skinned, 1.65 m tall and has brown hair down to her shoulders. She was wearing sportswear, a black jacket and has a clearly pregnant belly. Help us find the person responsible and share your information and images using the options below.

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