Very large catch of illegal cigarettes

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Very large catch of illegal cigarettes

The FIOD announced last week that more than 27 million illegal cigarettes have been intercepted in the port of Rotterdam. That’s a very big catch. A pack of legal cigarettes in the Netherlands costs an average of 11.10 euros as of April 1.

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The cigarettes were already taken on March 29. They were hidden in a shipping container.

The so-called Combiteam Smoke had selected the sea container for an inspection after research and analysis. No one has been arrested.

The cigarettes are destroyed.

Excise duty

The excise duty on cigarettes, rolling tobacco and cigars increased on April 1, 2024. A pack of 20 cigarettes now costs an average of 11.10 euros. The excise duty per pack of rolling tobacco of 50 grams has increased by 3.60 euros, to an average price of 24.14 euros.

If the cigarettes now packed had been sold on the Dutch market, the Dutch State would have lost more than 6,610,500 in excise duties and tax money, according to the FIOD.

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