Verstappen stunned: ‘Whoever approved that must have been drunk’

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Verstappen stunned: 'Whoever approved that must have been drunk'

The Japanese Grand Prix was held last weekend, but a week earlier it was Formula E’s turn in the Asian country. Max Verstappen shed light on the electric racing series, which he usually enjoys, although he also saw some things that previously belonged in Wacky Wheels.

Jake Dennis, the simulator driver of Red Bull Racing, who was allowed to drive Max Verstappen’s RB19 in Abu Dhabi last year, is the reigning world champion in Formula E. ‘What I like about Formula E is that there are quite a lot of good drivers are active. I have raced against some of those drivers in the past, or they are already well-known names, so the level is very high,” Verstappen said in the press conference after the Japanese Grand Prix. Verstappen raced against Dennis in Formula 3 in 2014.

However, the Formula E boss does not have to send an invitation to Verstappen. ‘I also have a number of friends who ride in that class, so I always keep an eye on it. It’s just not a class I would want to compete in in the future,” the 26-year-old makes clear. The Formula E race in Japan took place a week before the Formula 1 Grand Prix, so there was extra attention among the drivers for the event in Tokyo. ‘It was really cool to see the track in the city, but there was also a real jump in the track. I don’t know who approved that, but he must have been drunk,” Verstappen concludes. “That was a bit crazy, but I always enjoy Formula E because the drivers are very talented, and that makes it more fun to watch.”

Extra opportunities for drivers

“I completely agree with Max,” says teammate Sergio Pérez. ‘It’s great that there is a racing series that gives drivers who cannot drive in Formula 1 an opportunity, where they can earn money and turn their passion into a job. That is amazing. As a racing series, I think we have to respect what they are trying to achieve,” Pérez points out electrification and innovation. “I think they’re doing very well.”

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz agrees with the words of the Red Bull duo. ‘I am happy that this class exists, because there are so many talents who for one reason or another did not make it to Formula 1, while they have enough talent to reach a comparable level to the twenty drivers who are now in Formula 1. 1 sitting. This class gives twenty others a chance to earn a living through their passion and fight with each other. There’s good racing going on, so I’m glad it exists.”

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