Verstappen ridicules Hamilton’s clothing style: ‘I think it looks shit’

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Verstappen ridicules Hamilton's clothing style: 'I think it looks shit'

Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez did not achieve the desired success on the circuit in Melbourne, but Verstappen did score with the fans during a media moment. The Limburger excelled because of his direct answers, with colleagues from Visa Cash App RB in particular receiving a lot of attention.

At a Fan Forum in Australia, fans turned up en masse for a special version of Grill the Grid with the Red Bull Racing duo, during which Verstappen and Pérez were asked several short questions. “Daniel (Ricciardo, ed.) probably has the best hidden talent,” Verstappen says to loud cheers from the audience in Australia. ‘He’s a great singer. If you put him here on stage, he might sing a song, who knows. Verstappen also makes himself popular with the public as the ‘funniest driver’. ‘From experience I have to say Daniel. Is this a Daniel quiz?’ Verstappen wonders.

Tsunoda with a drink

Verstappen also spends an evening out with his RB colleagues. “Maybe we should go for Yuki (Tsunoda, ed.),” says Verstappen. I once flew back with Yuki after a PR event, for the Monaco race. He had had a few gin and tonics on the plane. Yuki was on fire that evening,” says Verstappen with twinkling eyes. ‘That was very nice to see.’

Later the interview switches to the clothing style of the drivers. Verstappen sees photos of Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton, and Zhou Guanyu when asked who dresses best. “It depends a bit on what you like,” Verstappen initially seems to be taking a politically correct stance, and then points to the photos on the screen, with Hamilton in particular catching the eye with a striking outfit. ‘I think that looks like shit, but everyone has their own style, right? It doesn’t interest me. Is that answer sufficient?’

Dear presenter

Ricciardo, who is currently not having an easy time in Formula 1, seems to at least have enough career options after his career as a Formula 1 driver. Sergio Pérez also puts the Australian forward as the next presenter. ‘I think Daniel again. That would be a very good idea. In any case, I don’t see Max as a presenter yet.’ The world champion himself agrees with this. ‘I use too many swear words, so it usually doesn’t work very well. Are you allowed to swear on television in Australia?’ Verstappen still wonders.

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