Verstappen and Newey unbeatable combination: ‘No matter how good you are, you will not beat them’

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Verstappen and Newey unbeatable combination: 'No matter how good you are, you will not beat them'

Peter Windsor thinks that no driver would have a chance of beating Max Verstappen in the second seat at Red Bull Racing. The journalist knows that Verstappen has been working with Adrian Newey for years and that is an advantage that no driver will get anymore at the Austrian racing team. Despite the fact that possible newcomers will be defeated by the reigning world champion, Windsor sees no reason for drivers to turn down an opportunity at Red Bull. After all, Lando Norris is linked to a seat at Red Bull.

Nico Rosberg said on the Sky Sports podcast that no one would beat Verstappen in the Red Bull car. “Nico is absolutely right about that,” Windsor says on his own YouTube channel. There are several factors that speak in favor of the Dutchman. ‘Firstly, Max is very good and secondly, he has been with the team for a long time. More importantly, he has been working with Adrian Newey and his team for a very long time. If you work so closely with the best technical team in the history of Formula 1, no one is going to beat you.’

‘It doesn’t matter how good you are, you’re not going to beat that combination. You are also not going to beat Max on a technical level, because he does everything well as a driver,” Windsor continues. The journalist thinks that Red Bull’s position allows the driver to utilize his full potential. “Max is in a privileged position, and he has earned it, because he is in a team that believes in him 100 percent. They help him win the next race.” That gives Verstappen more opportunity to read a race.

Windsor cites the overtaking action on Carlos Sainz. After an earlier failed attempt, Verstappen waited patiently for an opportunity to overtake the Spaniard. ‘That’s part of having a certain feeling. The feeling for what the other person does and the feeling for what his car does. Max immediately saw when Sainz’s rear tires were blown. That feeling is created by his circumstances instead of his natural feeling in the car, which he naturally has.’

Windsor: ‘No driver should say no to Red Bull’

Due to Verstappen’s experience at Red Bull, other drivers are advised not to go to the Austrian racing team. Windsor thinks that the drivers will absolutely not listen to this. ‘It’s not going to stop Lando (Norris, ed.) and Charles (Leclerc, ed.) from going to that team. They would see it as an opportunity to win Grands Prix. It won’t be the case that Max will win every race, because he could have a problem or an off day and then there is the opportunity for the other Red Bull driver. “No driver should say no to the best car, even if Max is in the other seat,” Windsor said.

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