Vermeulen admits: ‘Verstappen’s battery is almost empty, it’s not just about money’

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Vermeulen admits: 'Verstappen's battery is almost empty, it's not just about money'

Raymond Vermeulen, Max Verstappen’s manager, has indicated that the world champion is having a hard time with the busy calendar and all the obligations that come with it. At the media day in Las Vegas, the world champion expressed his dissatisfaction with the high show quality and the overcrowded Formula 1 calendar with large time differences between the races.

Vermeulen is only happy that Verstappen shares his opinion. ‘Max is pure, close to himself and says what he thinks. I think we should cherish it that someone of his stature says something like that,” says the Limburger. ‘These are still all drivers and not actors. Max just feels very uncomfortable with things like this. I also think that many people, perhaps not everyone, appreciate his down-to-earthness,” Vermeulen says in an interview with De Telegraaf.

Verstappen is looking forward to the winter break

Verstappen has been winning the main prize for a while now, so he now needs a little rest. ‘I notice that Max’s battery is almost empty. Not only with him of course, but with many people in the team. Of course, the traveling and the time difference are a problem.’ The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is ​​back on the schedule in a week, and on the opening day in Las Vegas, Verstappen will be behind the wheel until 3:30 am local time.

Verstappen has already logged a lot of flying hours in recent weeks. ‘From Brazil he flew to England, where he was in the simulator on Thursday. On Friday evening he had a shoot for EA Sports in Nice, on Saturday he had a little thing in Switzerland and on Monday we flew to Las Vegas, where the PR machine started again on Tuesday morning,” Vermeulen sums up the Red Bull Racing driver’s past week.

Even after the Grand Prix of Las Vegas, things won’t get much calmer. ‘We come home on Monday and then another PR day awaits us in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday in the run-up to the last race. After the race there will be trips to Tokyo for Honda, Amsterdam with Heineken, the FIA ​​awards ceremony in Baku and an event with Red Bull in England. Then it’s almost Christmas and on January 15 his trainer will be at the door again. That’s not easy for a 26 year old boy. It is true that he earns a lot of money from it, but it is not just about money,” is Vermeulen’s ominous conclusion for many fans.

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